last week “future” : naoki


Jan_future02 copy

Ok, this is it. I finished the first theme “future”. It was a good experience over all. It definitely gave me a good idea of what I should do to make things better for my next theme. I think I learned few things thru this project. I should simplify as much as possible and I should also focus on only few things. I first thought that 4 weeks will be a plenty of time to make one art work but it was not the case.

Anyway, I guess I did ok this time.


Future: Week 4 Final: Wurm

pic Ok.  No more starting over for this Wurm.  It’s over.  This is the final week.  To the left you will see an album of the final progress on my future creature. (you can click to see larger images, if you so desire)  I did up the torso on one photo. I cut a rip in a shoe box to give the illusion that the creature is ripping through the space time continuum, or what-have-you.  I placed the model in the shoe box opening and then created another arm.  I then placed all the pieces in the box and began adding the details.  I contemplated having his leg coming through the rip as well, but that looked like shit.  So I scrapped that idea and started messing with various lighting for the snap-shot.  After I got a shot I could use I brought it into Photoshop and began painting the final image.  Here is the final 2 of Hearts card from yours truly.  See ya next month for Medieval for the 3 of Hearts.  Dig. 

Future: Week 4 Final: Danny


Well I made it, one month and one card down!

Here is the fruit of my labors, I give to you FUTURA: The Vixen From Venus!

I also have posted this on my personal blog if you are interested in seeing the piece in its entirety

Something kind of fun that I am also throwing in these posters is hidden elements. I am planning on hiding a diamond in every piece as well as having the number represented somehow. What the hell am I talking about? Well I will just tell you for this first one. The alien has a Diamond on his space suit and the number 2 is represented by the word “Venus” which is the second planet from the sun…dorky and pointless but fun at the same time.

Thanks for looking, I will see you next week/month with the first glance at the 3 of diamonds…with the theme MEDIVAL!

Future: Week 4: Andrew


Here’s my drawing and tonal rough for the piece. The third image is a quick temperature block-in to use as my under painting. These last two images were both made in the computer. I can save a lot of time by quickly creating the overall tonal structure in photoshop and then getting a large printout of the image to paint on top of rather than having to transfer the drawing by hand. If you’re interested I’ll outline the process for mounting the print to a board below.


The paper needs to be wet in order to lay completely flat on the board.  If you try to glue it down dry it will turn into a rippled mess as the moisture from the glue causes the paper to expand. Unfortunately this ink isn’t waterproof so the first step is to give the front a dusting of clear acrylic spray to protect the ink.





Next saturate the back of the print with water and let it sit for a minute or two until the paper is done expanding.  You’ll know it’s ready when it flattens itself back out. For my “glue” I use clear acrylic medium. Put a thin coat on the board and on the back of the still wet print. Place onto the board and gently work out any air bubbles, starting from the center moving out to the edges.



Give it a few coats of the clear acrylic over the top of the image to seal it down and you’re ready to paint!

future week 3 by naoki


So, now my focus has to be texturing. However, Mr. Maya doesn’t want to recognize my model as a polygon object and didn’t wanna let me use UV mapping tools. Great. Everything is done in poly so it should not be a problem but since this moody-grumpy software doesn’t wanna cooperate, I had no choice but to remodel it in polygon, again. Luckily, it’s pretty simple model so it was not a big deal but I was not happy to go thru extra step to do what I wanted to do.

Anyway, after I remodeled it, things worked just fine and I was able to do some test render with some textures on the objects.

Here are some test rendered images of each object.

embryo_test egg_test

Future: Week 3 Progress: Wurm

The continuing adventures of my indecisiveness take on another challuunge in:
Ah yes… the familiar feeling of starting over… AGAIN.  That’s right, my OCD is kickin into high gear this challuunge.
So keeping with the future idea, I started building an hour glass.  I began with wire and covered it with the clay.
Next I began sculpting a new head.  I decided that the problem with the last two designs is that I tried to pigeon hole myself into an idea too early.  So I just let the clay tell me what I was creating.
So this is what the clay told me to make.  I know I sound insane (which I am) but this is how I work best. I start kneading the clay.  As shapes take form I kind of go with them.  That is how I work best and that is how I will be approaching things from now on.   These are a couple different shots with slightly different lighting.
So here is the head with a shot of the outer shell of the hour glass in the back ground. The idea now is to make a creature that will be busting out of the card or maybe outer space, I am not sold on anything yet.  So I started making an arm next.
I then realized I needed to attach the arms to the body I had started a while back.  I then created a second arm and attached it, which destroyed any details I had.
And here we are with the separate parts in the plastic bowl I use to keep these lil bastards from being destroyed in transit.
So the next step is to cut out a “rip” in the bottom of a shoe box and start assembling the creature into the ripped portal and finalizing any details that are left.  I will probably take a photo of an hour glass and Photoshop it into the creature’s stomach area.  Next week I will be posting some more progress shots and then the final card.  Stay tuned to see what happens in the final chapter of the Future Indecision 2011 project from yours truly.  fin

Future: Week 3 Progress: Danny


Here we are in week 3 already. I decided that for this week I would discuss my process a little bit, so hear we go!

A: First thing I do when I open up that wonderfully intimidating blank Adobe Illustrator page is make a background color, it helps to set the mood and feel while your working, even if that color changes later it’s a good staring point. I then import my final sketch onto a separate layer and set its blend mode to multiply. By doing this it allows me to begin building my shapes underneath while still being able to see the original drawing.

B: Using the pen tool I begin to block in the main shape for the face and create her space helmet using the ellipse tool.

C: I continue with the pen tool and start to create the important features of the face. In the case of her lips and parts of her eyes I am adding a stroke to the shape as well to help define it.

D: Once all the main parts are there, I make a custom brush to use with my Wacom tablet. The tablet allows me to make strokes that can be thicker or thinner depending on the amount of pressure used, similar to an actual marker. Anyways I use this brush to add minor details, such as wrinkles and creases to help create a less sterile more “natural” look.

E: A pretty big jump from D, but at this point I am pretty much repeating the process until it is DONE….which it is, but you can’t see until next week BWA HA HA HA!

Future: Week 3: Andrew

Today’s post is a little anemic but I’m going to cheat by updating it over the next day or two to flesh it out.

OwlMaquette1 I want to give myself as much information as I can before diving into painting. Since I don’t have a metallic clock-faced owl on hand I made a little maquette. It isn’t the most refined thing around, but it has the basic shapes I want.




OwlMaquette2 I spray painted the owl gold to get the metallic look I wanted, set up a simple lighting rig and took a batch of shots. I think it will help a lot.

Future: Week 2 Progress : Naoki


Jesus, this computer is slow!!! It drives me nuts! It took forever to open this Live writer, geez!!

Anyway, my goal for the week 2 was to finish all modeling. I’ve finished an egg and a sprout last week so I had to finish what’s left… an embryo. I modeled other two in the form of polygon so I did the same to this guy also. Its shape is very primitive so I didn’t have to worry too much about details, which was good. My method was to model the half of it and then mirror it to make a whole body. However, for some reason, Mirror Mesh tool didn’t wanna do what I want it to do so, I had to use the other method to combine the two half objects. It took me a while to make it work but good thing is that this is a modeling project, not an animation so I didn’t have to worry about how the character would move, etc. Now I’ll have to move on and start making a lot of texture for each model this coming week.


Future: Week 2 Progress: Wurm


Here we go with the next adventurous installment of:banner2 copy

…and the story continues…


Week two brings me to creating the body/torso
for my sculpture.  Here is the wire armature to
give it strength and girth.
I have added the first round of outer mass in this photo.  This one is real rough.  I will be adding some sort of armor later on.


Here we have the head undergoing some changes.  I have smoothed out the eys and redone a new jaw. It’s coming along quite nicely now.  It kind of looks like it has a beard of some sort, but I kind of like the “insect” look the eyes are giving it.


And then a new sketch leads me to believe that I can do better.  This isn’t just another crappy sculpture project, this is going to be on a playing card for spit’s sake. Back to square one on the head.  I am going to keep the torso for now and try to build it up once I get a definite look for the head/helmet.


At first it appears that I am creating some dreadlocked predator mask, but that is not the case, Danny. So off come the dreads and add in the horns.  Progress is slow going at this time, but check back next Thursday for more updates.


Future: Week 2 Progress: Danny

Future_Week2_DannyDevine_AWell here we are in week 2 already. I finished up my drawings and scanned them into the computer.

First thing I had to do was combine my drawings into one image then I started moving things around until I got the layout to be more or less in the right place. I put it into the playing card template to make sure everything would fit in this small format size. The text is just a place holder for now, still not sure what I want it to say exactly.

I threw in the blue to help give me the feel of the overall color. I really want to try and limit my color palette to a maximum of 4 colors in order to really get the feel of a screen printed poster.

The pictures below are just detail shots of the Space Girl and the alien. My next step is to take this into illustrator and start the final Future_Week2_DannyDevine_BFuture_Week2_DannyDevine_Crender.  See you next week ….or should I say IN THE FUTURE!

Future: Week 2 Progress: Andrew


man_in_a_golden_helmet This week was all about gathering reference. I thought I’d share some.

This painting, “The Man with the Golden Helmet” has to be listed as my first bit of reference. It was very much on my mind as I thought of the story and (perhaps strangely) influenced the creation of the Clock-Owl idea. When I paint the portrait of the adult version of our protagonist I’ll be trying to get as close to this feeling as my limited skills allow.

The spread below is a collection of assorted reference. A friend and her daughter kindly agreed to pose for the figures. On the far right is a quick chop together of their pictures to give me something to look at as I start my drawings.


Future: Week 1 Progress : Naoki



Theme : future

Tools used : color pencils, photoshop, Maya

It’s a difficult theme. Future. Many things can be considered to be some type of “future”. I just didn’t want to make something look like right out of sci-fi movies. Instead, I wanted to create something don’t look so futuristic. So I came up with something primitive but also symbolize some type of future  such as embryo, egg, sprout, etc…

Why? Well, Whitney Houston said that the children are our future, didn’t she?

I also wanted to keep things simple. “Keep it simple” will be applied to all my R-WAC work.

Anyway, first I sketched out some image I came up with on a paper. Then I use Maya to make it in 3D. I just chose to use Maya as a main tool for this theme. (I might not use any 3D application for the next project/theme).

I modeled the egg which will be the center of the image first so that I can create everything else from there. I think that the most difficult part of this project will be 2 things. Texturing and lighting, 2 things I’m not really good at. It’ll be bit of a challenge but I hope I can pull it off, somehow.


Future: Week 1 Progress: Wurm


sketchesHello, Wurm here.   Early on in our process of creating this idea of doing art pieces for a collection, I had decided that I wanted to get better at sculpting.  So that has become my goal with this project, increase my skill level at creating finalized sculptures.  In the past with the weekly art challuunges I had done a few sculptures that looked pretty good in photos.  However, if you were to check out the back sides of them they resembled a construction site that had been attached by blood thirsty vandals with copper shovels and Zotz® candy wrappers.  All I am saying is that I aim to change this.  That’s all.

So here we go with week one: the playing card for this month is the number “2”.  I have the “hearts” suite so that’s pretty sweet.  I may or may not incorporate these into the concepts as i go, but for now – onto this month’s concept:

I sincerely feel that in the future, there will be no procrastination.  The thought of putting things off until the next day will be a thing of the past.  Everyone will do exactly what they need to do when they should and the world will live in “the now”.  There will be no more famine and all the voices of the humans on earth will sing as one gigantic booming voice… it will be like Barry White and Shadow Stevens had an interspecies love child with a Saint Bernard.  Now that would be a tremendous voice!

Wait, where was I? 

Never mind, I’ll finish that story another time… So my concept is very loose right now.   I am going for an “anti-procrastination” robot sculpture that will be responsible for the end of procrastination and ultimately creating the one-world Saint-Barry-Shadow voice we will all use in unison.  Here are some pics of my progress thus far…


The first photo above are some prelim sketches to flush out some pencil frustrations before beginning to sculpt.  I’m new to super sculpey but it seems to be a nice medium for sculpting anti-procrastination robots.


Here we have some early concepts of the front and side of the head and face. You can just smell the scent of “gotta-get-it-done-right-now-and-not-wait-until-tomorrow” as the piece begins to take shape in these early stages.