South week 4 : Naoki


south01 copy I know we are taking a break now but I just wanted to finish this theme. Now, I’m done.

South week 3 : Naoki



Ok, it’s already week 3 and I’m a bit struggled as usual. (Anyone has posted week 3 stuff? ) Anyway, I somehow managed to be able to show these…



week 2 : south naoki


Well, it’s already week 2. I have not made much of progress but this is what i have so far…


South: Week 2 Progress: Wurm

Hey hey hey… It’s WURMMMMMM Albert.  Not sure what that was about, but this is about my progress thus far.  So let’s get to it, shall we?  Basically I started with the skeleton of my “deep south” devil figure.  I have opted for him to be seated, as if contemplating his destiny or some horse shit like that.  I have created a trident that he will be holding.  We shall see how this goes.  My wife said, “you always do something mean…”  and I corrected her in saying “not mean, just evil.  Evil imagery is kinda my thang”  heh heh.  Can’t help what comes out, right?


South: Week 2 Progress: Danny

Man oh man! Week 2 snuck up on me! I have not gotten very far on this at all, but the important part is that I do have progress to show and I’m not skipping days like some people **coughandrewcough**, ahem, excuse me, allergy season.
I started by trying to figure out what the Mexican Sheriff was going to look like…I’m not overly thrilled with any of the drawings I have done (seen below are the laughable “best” two thus far). I need to try and get back into this soon before I fall behind. I should just draw Danny Trejo instead and call it a day :)


South: Week 2: Andrew

AndrewSouth_thumbs Yeah so I was lazy and missed week one.  That’s why you see thumbnails over there on the left in week 2. 

I felt it was time to introduce a villain.  With our word this month being South I thought an officer from the Confederate Army was fitting.  But the thumbnails just weren’t flowing well.  They all felt static.  I was having trouble finding something to get excited about.  So, I decided to get a fresh start in Photoshop and begin again the way I would if it was something that had to be done in a hurry.  Black and white, pushing shapes around until something starts to feel right.  The image below on the left is the first thing to have that “right” feeling so I started to refine from there.  I liked how the brim of his hat hid his face, making him more mysterious but with the front of his uniform so obscured by his right arm I felt it would be smarter to switch to a more recognizably civil war era hat.

South : week 1 Naoki


I’m so glad that medieval is over! Now it’s South! South….southern…southern food… food?! Hmmm.. food sounds good. I love food. Well let’s see if I can do something about it.

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