South week 4 : Naoki


south01 copy I know we are taking a break now but I just wanted to finish this theme. Now, I’m done.

South week 3 : Naoki



Ok, it’s already week 3 and I’m a bit struggled as usual. (Anyone has posted week 3 stuff? ) Anyway, I somehow managed to be able to show these…



week 2 : south naoki


Well, it’s already week 2. I have not made much of progress but this is what i have so far…


South: Week 2 Progress: Wurm

Hey hey hey… It’s WURMMMMMM Albert.  Not sure what that was about, but this is about my progress thus far.  So let’s get to it, shall we?  Basically I started with the skeleton of my “deep south” devil figure.  I have opted for him to be seated, as if contemplating his destiny or some horse shit like that.  I have created a trident that he will be holding.  We shall see how this goes.  My wife said, “you always do something mean…”  and I corrected her in saying “not mean, just evil.  Evil imagery is kinda my thang”  heh heh.  Can’t help what comes out, right?


South: Week 2 Progress: Danny

Man oh man! Week 2 snuck up on me! I have not gotten very far on this at all, but the important part is that I do have progress to show and I’m not skipping days like some people **coughandrewcough**, ahem, excuse me, allergy season.
I started by trying to figure out what the Mexican Sheriff was going to look like…I’m not overly thrilled with any of the drawings I have done (seen below are the laughable “best” two thus far). I need to try and get back into this soon before I fall behind. I should just draw Danny Trejo instead and call it a day :)


South: Week 2: Andrew

AndrewSouth_thumbs Yeah so I was lazy and missed week one.  That’s why you see thumbnails over there on the left in week 2. 

I felt it was time to introduce a villain.  With our word this month being South I thought an officer from the Confederate Army was fitting.  But the thumbnails just weren’t flowing well.  They all felt static.  I was having trouble finding something to get excited about.  So, I decided to get a fresh start in Photoshop and begin again the way I would if it was something that had to be done in a hurry.  Black and white, pushing shapes around until something starts to feel right.  The image below on the left is the first thing to have that “right” feeling so I started to refine from there.  I liked how the brim of his hat hid his face, making him more mysterious but with the front of his uniform so obscured by his right arm I felt it would be smarter to switch to a more recognizably civil war era hat.

South : week 1 Naoki


I’m so glad that medieval is over! Now it’s South! South….southern…southern food… food?! Hmmm.. food sounds good. I love food. Well let’s see if I can do something about it.

395px-Runny_hunny 440px-Friedchickenbreast   520px-Hushpuppies_5stack 800px-Brisketphoto 800px-CountryFriedSteak 800px-Dish_of_crawdads 800px-Flickr_stuart_spivack_173603796--Macaroni_and_cheese 800px-Fried_green_tomatoes 800px-Grits1 800px-Jambalaya Baby_back_ribs_-_hickory_smoked Cajun_seafood_gumbo

1204837655_6745 3239130791_babd2c6359 corn-bread-recipe-lg

South: Week 1 Progress: Wurm

Well here it is folks, my first post for South, 4 of Hearts.  I have chosen to do up a sculpture of the “head” of the deep deep south; the old devil.  So this week I have been gathering up some images for reference.  I haven’t quite settled in on a concept as of yet, but I will start ta kneedin and see where it takes me.  I have some ideas and I am sure they will not be the same in the end as they are right now.  I think maybe two girls sitting back to back; maybe both devils… maybe just one girl… maybe a guy, it’s all up in the air right now.  Stay tuned for more vague information coming your way next week.

South: Week 1 Progress: Danny


Ok here is my sketch thumbnail for week 1. This card is entitled “The Mexican Sheriff”. Stay tuned for more!

medieval week 4 : naoki

med_fin_comp01 copy 

Well, I’m done. Next!

Medieval: Final: Wurm



Well here we are.  Just a bit late but alas, it is done.  I am not as pleased with the final of this month’s card as I was last month, but hey… there’s always next month, and the month after, and so on, and so forth.

Medieval: Final: Danny


Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Let the Medieval cards continue to pour in!

Well February is almost over, and for this glorious month of Groundhogs, Love, Presidential Birthdays,  &  Black History, I decided to honor them all by creating a fictional movie poster that depicts Robin Hood getting ready to confront a Sasquatch!

I hope you enjoy it, and I will see you next week with preliminaries for March, the theme is SOUTH!

Medieval: Final: Andrew


There’s my final above.  You can get a larger view if you click on the image.  I know you could scroll through the blog and see the whole process… but I thought it’d be nice to collect it into one gif.

medieval week 3: naoki


Yes, i was lazy this week. Therefore, not much progress and not much to report. I know, I know  it’s due next week so I’ll put some extra effort this week to make it up. You shut up.

Medieval: Week 3 Progress: Wurm

banner3 copy

There is so much to report this week I don’t even know where to start.  I began making a hand.DSCN3782I put the hand onto the figure and it pretty much ruined the details I had been fleshing out.  Ah well.DSCN3784One more week to go.  This is really progressing well (and by well I mean slow).  Did up another arm.  DSCN3783We’ll see how this pans out.


Medieval: Week 3 Progress: Danny


Week 3 begins the process in Adobe Illustrator. Not a whole lot to report here, it’s just a matter of getting things finished.

One change to make note of, the Sasquatch is now going to be more of a silhouette instead of a fully realized character in order to further push the emphasize on Robin Hood.

See you next week for the FINAL!

Medieval: Week 3: Andrew

3dMock3Medieval_tone 3Medieval_paint-a  3Medieval_paint-b

Not a whole lot to report this week.  I started with the 3D render from last week, switched it to grayscale and started painting right over the top in Photoshop.  Some people like to paint completely in grayscale and then add all the color right at the end with an assortment of layer styles.  I prefer to get the color started a lot sooner.

Something I’ve been wrestling with on this picture is what all these giant shapes should be made of.  Initially it was all over the board but I think I’ve settled on silver, bronze, glass, and stone.  By grounding the image with a few recognizable materials I’m hoping to create a greater sense of realism and age.

Medieval week 2 Naoki

comp01 copy

Medieval: Week 2 Progress: Wurm

banner2 Let’s get right to it.  I am definitely going with the aquatic type theme.  For the medieval aspect I am aiming to create a creature that is in-between evolution stages… not quite fish, not quite another creature.  So here are the progress shots for this week.


Started with the fish tail shape.                          Added the fish tail to a used maquette base.


Began shaping the torso and shoulders.        Added arm skeleton.


Chest and belly clay cover added.                     Added the head, extended tail and started arms.


See you next week for more progress.  Word.