medieval week 4 : naoki

med_fin_comp01 copy 

Well, I’m done. Next!

Medieval: Final: Wurm



Well here we are.  Just a bit late but alas, it is done.  I am not as pleased with the final of this month’s card as I was last month, but hey… there’s always next month, and the month after, and so on, and so forth.

Medieval: Final: Danny


Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Let the Medieval cards continue to pour in!

Well February is almost over, and for this glorious month of Groundhogs, Love, Presidential Birthdays,  &  Black History, I decided to honor them all by creating a fictional movie poster that depicts Robin Hood getting ready to confront a Sasquatch!

I hope you enjoy it, and I will see you next week with preliminaries for March, the theme is SOUTH!

Medieval: Final: Andrew


There’s my final above.  You can get a larger view if you click on the image.  I know you could scroll through the blog and see the whole process… but I thought it’d be nice to collect it into one gif.

medieval week 3: naoki


Yes, i was lazy this week. Therefore, not much progress and not much to report. I know, I know  it’s due next week so I’ll put some extra effort this week to make it up. You shut up.

Medieval: Week 3 Progress: Wurm

banner3 copy

There is so much to report this week I don’t even know where to start.  I began making a hand.DSCN3782I put the hand onto the figure and it pretty much ruined the details I had been fleshing out.  Ah well.DSCN3784One more week to go.  This is really progressing well (and by well I mean slow).  Did up another arm.  DSCN3783We’ll see how this pans out.


Medieval: Week 3 Progress: Danny


Week 3 begins the process in Adobe Illustrator. Not a whole lot to report here, it’s just a matter of getting things finished.

One change to make note of, the Sasquatch is now going to be more of a silhouette instead of a fully realized character in order to further push the emphasize on Robin Hood.

See you next week for the FINAL!

Medieval: Week 3: Andrew

3dMock3Medieval_tone 3Medieval_paint-a  3Medieval_paint-b

Not a whole lot to report this week.  I started with the 3D render from last week, switched it to grayscale and started painting right over the top in Photoshop.  Some people like to paint completely in grayscale and then add all the color right at the end with an assortment of layer styles.  I prefer to get the color started a lot sooner.

Something I’ve been wrestling with on this picture is what all these giant shapes should be made of.  Initially it was all over the board but I think I’ve settled on silver, bronze, glass, and stone.  By grounding the image with a few recognizable materials I’m hoping to create a greater sense of realism and age.

Medieval week 2 Naoki

comp01 copy

Medieval: Week 2 Progress: Wurm

banner2 Let’s get right to it.  I am definitely going with the aquatic type theme.  For the medieval aspect I am aiming to create a creature that is in-between evolution stages… not quite fish, not quite another creature.  So here are the progress shots for this week.


Started with the fish tail shape.                          Added the fish tail to a used maquette base.


Began shaping the torso and shoulders.        Added arm skeleton.


Chest and belly clay cover added.                     Added the head, extended tail and started arms.


See you next week for more progress.  Word.


Medieval: Week 2 Progress: Danny


Medival_Week2_DannyDevine_CHere we are in week 2 already, February is flying by! So this is the week where I piece together all drawings and try and figure out the layout.

I set up this first one and wasn’t really feeling it. Robin Hood seemed really small and unimportant and the whole composition really seemed to be lacking in excitement.
Medival_Week2_DannyDevine_DThe second one was getting a little better. I brought Robin Hood forward in the scene by making him bigger. I felt that this was making a stronger impact overall but Robin was still fighting for space and attention with the Sasquatch.

In the third one I really started to feel good about the layout. Robin hood was now the center of attention while the Sasquatch become more hidden and further away. I’m sure things will move around again before I am done, but so far this is where I’m at.

Medieval: Week 2: Andrew

PencilSketch 3dMock 3dMock_LongShotMy sketch has such big basic shapes that I thought it’d be fun to make a quick 3D mockup of the scene in Maya.  I’m not very good in the program… but spheres and cubes are within my skill set :)  At the very least this should help me get a better sense of the space.  Plus, since I’ll be painting this image digitally I can take the render above and work right on top of it… which might be cheating but will hopefully be a time saver.

By next week I should be pretty well along.  I’ll probably start grayscale to nail down the value structure as I make decisions about the architecture and details of the space.


I was not thrilled when I heard that this month’s theme was medieval.

Medieval… I hate that theme. I don’t like anything about medieval. I don’t like that type of movies. I don’t wanna read the story about that era.

But I still have to make something about medieval…. That made me mad.med_1

I didn’t wanna do typical medieval stuff like dungeons and dragons, etc.

So I had to think hard…


Really hard…



Then something struck…


medieval-sample2 medieval_a1

I wanna combine these two totally different things (but they are somehow similar…to me) …


Medieval: Week 1 Progress: Wurm

It's week 1 and the word is Medeival.  I decided to start off with the definitions followed by my progress shots thus far.  I am kind of winging it so I don't have much to expound upon right now.  More next week.

me·di·e·val –adjective
  1. of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or in the style of the Middle Ages: medieval architecture. Compare Middle Ages.
  2. Informal . extremely old-fashioned; primitive.
 Begining with a couple o lumps of clay.  Super Sculpy again.  I will give it one more shot.
 Shaping the head, adding some cheek bones and nose shape.
 Created eye sockets and started melding the cheeks into the face.  The two sperm looking shapes at the bottom are going to be the eye balls.
 Added the eyes and started shaping the lids and nose a bit more.
Ooo it's starting to take a bit of an aquatic look on.  Gonna go with it.  Let's see what happens next week.

Medieval: Week 1 Progress: Danny

Here we are in our second month already. The word for February is Medieval. Now at first I had an idea for a romantic looking movie called “The Jouster”. Then I started drawing it out and realized that making a movie poster for “Robin Hood vs The Sherwood Sasquatch” would be way better! So I'm doing that instead :)

So I started out by drawing my version of Robin Hood, the idea is that Robin is hiding behind a fallen tree and is looking over at the Sasquatch, who may or may not have Maid Marian held hostage. Next to Robin Hood is the reference photo I took of one of my friends.

For the longest time when I was growing up, I remember feeling that using reference photos was cheating, I'm not really sure why I thought that, but I wish someone had told me sooner. Using reference photos has improved my drawings immensely over the last year and I highly recommend it to anyone that is trying to increase their drawing skills.


Medieval: Week 1: Andrew


A new month: a new word.  The word this round is “Medieval.”  It seems like the prefect theme when you’re working on a story involving time travel… but it proved difficult to find something I was excited about.  I didn’t want to jump into the cliché of knights in their shining armor (at least not yet)… so I’m cheating just a little bit. 

To the left you’ll see a couple thumbnails starting to flesh out an idea.  It’s a room designed to help teach the girl a new way to think about space.   There’s nothing medieval about it.  But if I set the story in the Holy Land during the Crusades and give this crazy room the distinct flavor of Islamic architecture like you’d see in the wonderful Edwin Lord Weeks paintings below… then it just might fly.

Edwin-Lord-Weeks-An_Open-Air_Restaurant_Lahore Edwin-Lord-Weeks_Interior_of_the_Mosque_at_Cordova