Medieval: Week 1: Andrew


A new month: a new word.  The word this round is “Medieval.”  It seems like the prefect theme when you’re working on a story involving time travel… but it proved difficult to find something I was excited about.  I didn’t want to jump into the cliché of knights in their shining armor (at least not yet)… so I’m cheating just a little bit. 

To the left you’ll see a couple thumbnails starting to flesh out an idea.  It’s a room designed to help teach the girl a new way to think about space.   There’s nothing medieval about it.  But if I set the story in the Holy Land during the Crusades and give this crazy room the distinct flavor of Islamic architecture like you’d see in the wonderful Edwin Lord Weeks paintings below… then it just might fly.

Edwin-Lord-Weeks-An_Open-Air_Restaurant_Lahore Edwin-Lord-Weeks_Interior_of_the_Mosque_at_Cordova


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