Medieval: Week 2 Progress: Danny


Medival_Week2_DannyDevine_CHere we are in week 2 already, February is flying by! So this is the week where I piece together all drawings and try and figure out the layout.

I set up this first one and wasn’t really feeling it. Robin Hood seemed really small and unimportant and the whole composition really seemed to be lacking in excitement.
Medival_Week2_DannyDevine_DThe second one was getting a little better. I brought Robin Hood forward in the scene by making him bigger. I felt that this was making a stronger impact overall but Robin was still fighting for space and attention with the Sasquatch.

In the third one I really started to feel good about the layout. Robin hood was now the center of attention while the Sasquatch become more hidden and further away. I’m sure things will move around again before I am done, but so far this is where I’m at.


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