Medieval: Week 1 Progress: Danny

Here we are in our second month already. The word for February is Medieval. Now at first I had an idea for a romantic looking movie called “The Jouster”. Then I started drawing it out and realized that making a movie poster for “Robin Hood vs The Sherwood Sasquatch” would be way better! So I'm doing that instead :)

So I started out by drawing my version of Robin Hood, the idea is that Robin is hiding behind a fallen tree and is looking over at the Sasquatch, who may or may not have Maid Marian held hostage. Next to Robin Hood is the reference photo I took of one of my friends.

For the longest time when I was growing up, I remember feeling that using reference photos was cheating, I'm not really sure why I thought that, but I wish someone had told me sooner. Using reference photos has improved my drawings immensely over the last year and I highly recommend it to anyone that is trying to increase their drawing skills.



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