Future: Week 1 Progress: Andrew


This first image is what most of my ideas look like when they first get going; not much. It’s just something down on paper so I don’t forget it later. Here’s how this line of thought went: “Future.” Clock. Clock face. Barn owls have round flat faces. Clock-faced owl. Owls feel wise. More of an ancient wisdom tied into nature. This owl is time.

I knew I wanted to create a narrative I could pull through the whole Artist Deck set. The guide/mentor is a classic character archetype and to have your guide be Time itself… could be cool. Let’s start with a young character’s discovery of the owl-clock, frozen as if it has simply been used as a timepiece for the last 100 years. To reinforce the word Future a much older version of our protagonist will hang above to scene, almost entirely in shadow, as if looking back on a memory.

These last two images are me trying to figure out what an owl-clock looks like and a small charcoal thumbnail starting to figure out composition. I don’t like using pencils for thumbnails because it’s sooo easy to get into too much detail. The downfall is that they don’t make sense to anyone but me. It’s not like I can show that thumbnail to someone and say, “see what I mean?” OwlSketch01TonalSketch


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