Future: Week 4: Andrew


Here’s my drawing and tonal rough for the piece. The third image is a quick temperature block-in to use as my under painting. These last two images were both made in the computer. I can save a lot of time by quickly creating the overall tonal structure in photoshop and then getting a large printout of the image to paint on top of rather than having to transfer the drawing by hand. If you’re interested I’ll outline the process for mounting the print to a board below.


The paper needs to be wet in order to lay completely flat on the board.  If you try to glue it down dry it will turn into a rippled mess as the moisture from the glue causes the paper to expand. Unfortunately this ink isn’t waterproof so the first step is to give the front a dusting of clear acrylic spray to protect the ink.





Next saturate the back of the print with water and let it sit for a minute or two until the paper is done expanding.  You’ll know it’s ready when it flattens itself back out. For my “glue” I use clear acrylic medium. Put a thin coat on the board and on the back of the still wet print. Place onto the board and gently work out any air bubbles, starting from the center moving out to the edges.



Give it a few coats of the clear acrylic over the top of the image to seal it down and you’re ready to paint!


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