Future: Week 3 Progress: Wurm

The continuing adventures of my indecisiveness take on another challuunge in:
Ah yes… the familiar feeling of starting over… AGAIN.  That’s right, my OCD is kickin into high gear this challuunge.
So keeping with the future idea, I started building an hour glass.  I began with wire and covered it with the clay.
Next I began sculpting a new head.  I decided that the problem with the last two designs is that I tried to pigeon hole myself into an idea too early.  So I just let the clay tell me what I was creating.
So this is what the clay told me to make.  I know I sound insane (which I am) but this is how I work best. I start kneading the clay.  As shapes take form I kind of go with them.  That is how I work best and that is how I will be approaching things from now on.   These are a couple different shots with slightly different lighting.
So here is the head with a shot of the outer shell of the hour glass in the back ground. The idea now is to make a creature that will be busting out of the card or maybe outer space, I am not sold on anything yet.  So I started making an arm next.
I then realized I needed to attach the arms to the body I had started a while back.  I then created a second arm and attached it, which destroyed any details I had.
And here we are with the separate parts in the plastic bowl I use to keep these lil bastards from being destroyed in transit.
So the next step is to cut out a “rip” in the bottom of a shoe box and start assembling the creature into the ripped portal and finalizing any details that are left.  I will probably take a photo of an hour glass and Photoshop it into the creature’s stomach area.  Next week I will be posting some more progress shots and then the final card.  Stay tuned to see what happens in the final chapter of the Future Indecision 2011 project from yours truly.  fin


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