Future: Week 1 Progress : Naoki



Theme : future

Tools used : color pencils, photoshop, Maya

It’s a difficult theme. Future. Many things can be considered to be some type of “future”. I just didn’t want to make something look like right out of sci-fi movies. Instead, I wanted to create something don’t look so futuristic. So I came up with something primitive but also symbolize some type of future  such as embryo, egg, sprout, etc…

Why? Well, Whitney Houston said that the children are our future, didn’t she?

I also wanted to keep things simple. “Keep it simple” will be applied to all my R-WAC work.

Anyway, first I sketched out some image I came up with on a paper. Then I use Maya to make it in 3D. I just chose to use Maya as a main tool for this theme. (I might not use any 3D application for the next project/theme).

I modeled the egg which will be the center of the image first so that I can create everything else from there. I think that the most difficult part of this project will be 2 things. Texturing and lighting, 2 things I’m not really good at. It’ll be bit of a challenge but I hope I can pull it off, somehow.



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