Future: Week 4 Final: Danny


Well I made it, one month and one card down!

Here is the fruit of my labors, I give to you FUTURA: The Vixen From Venus!

I also have posted this on my personal blog if you are interested in seeing the piece in its entirety 3ddevine.com.

Something kind of fun that I am also throwing in these posters is hidden elements. I am planning on hiding a diamond in every piece as well as having the number represented somehow. What the hell am I talking about? Well I will just tell you for this first one. The alien has a Diamond on his space suit and the number 2 is represented by the word “Venus” which is the second planet from the sun…dorky and pointless but fun at the same time.

Thanks for looking, I will see you next week/month with the first glance at the 3 of diamonds…with the theme MEDIVAL!


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