Future: Week 2 Progress : Naoki


Jesus, this computer is slow!!! It drives me nuts! It took forever to open this Live writer, geez!!

Anyway, my goal for the week 2 was to finish all modeling. I’ve finished an egg and a sprout last week so I had to finish what’s left… an embryo. I modeled other two in the form of polygon so I did the same to this guy also. Its shape is very primitive so I didn’t have to worry too much about details, which was good. My method was to model the half of it and then mirror it to make a whole body. However, for some reason, Mirror Mesh tool didn’t wanna do what I want it to do so, I had to use the other method to combine the two half objects. It took me a while to make it work but good thing is that this is a modeling project, not an animation so I didn’t have to worry about how the character would move, etc. Now I’ll have to move on and start making a lot of texture for each model this coming week.



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