Future: Week 2 Progress: Wurm


Here we go with the next adventurous installment of:banner2 copy

…and the story continues…


Week two brings me to creating the body/torso
for my sculpture.  Here is the wire armature to
give it strength and girth.
I have added the first round of outer mass in this photo.  This one is real rough.  I will be adding some sort of armor later on.


Here we have the head undergoing some changes.  I have smoothed out the eys and redone a new jaw. It’s coming along quite nicely now.  It kind of looks like it has a beard of some sort, but I kind of like the “insect” look the eyes are giving it.


And then a new sketch leads me to believe that I can do better.  This isn’t just another crappy sculpture project, this is going to be on a playing card for spit’s sake. Back to square one on the head.  I am going to keep the torso for now and try to build it up once I get a definite look for the head/helmet.


At first it appears that I am creating some dreadlocked predator mask, but that is not the case, Danny. So off come the dreads and add in the horns.  Progress is slow going at this time, but check back next Thursday for more updates.



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