Future: Week 2 Progress: Danny

Future_Week2_DannyDevine_AWell here we are in week 2 already. I finished up my drawings and scanned them into the computer.

First thing I had to do was combine my drawings into one image then I started moving things around until I got the layout to be more or less in the right place. I put it into the playing card template to make sure everything would fit in this small format size. The text is just a place holder for now, still not sure what I want it to say exactly.

I threw in the blue to help give me the feel of the overall color. I really want to try and limit my color palette to a maximum of 4 colors in order to really get the feel of a screen printed poster.

The pictures below are just detail shots of the Space Girl and the alien. My next step is to take this into illustrator and start the final Future_Week2_DannyDevine_BFuture_Week2_DannyDevine_Crender.  See you next week ….or should I say IN THE FUTURE!


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