Future: Week 4 Final: Wurm

pic Ok.  No more starting over for this Wurm.  It’s over.  This is the final week.  To the left you will see an album of the final progress on my future creature. (you can click to see larger images, if you so desire)  I did up the torso on one photo. I cut a rip in a shoe box to give the illusion that the creature is ripping through the space time continuum, or what-have-you.  I placed the model in the shoe box opening and then created another arm.  I then placed all the pieces in the box and began adding the details.  I contemplated having his leg coming through the rip as well, but that looked like shit.  So I scrapped that idea and started messing with various lighting for the snap-shot.  After I got a shot I could use I brought it into Photoshop and began painting the final image.  Here is the final 2 of Hearts card from yours truly.  See ya next month for Medieval for the 3 of Hearts.  Dig. 


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