Future: Week 1 Progress: Danny


So before we started pulling random words and assigning suits and all that razzmatazz, I decided that I was going to theme my suit by making faux vector style posters. Seen in these pictures is the beginning of my “future” themed card for the 2 of diamonds.

In my head I instantly saw a poster for a pulp science fiction style movie. I knew I wanted to have a pin-up space girl and some sort of alien so I messed around with several thumbnails. A & B are a couple of them. C is a slightly more fleshed out thumbnail of A. Here I figured out the general layout and overall feel of the poster.

In the second picture I threw together a few of my initial sketches of the alien, who at one point started to look like a rabbit, not really happy with any of these so far but you got to start somewhere.

The third picture is an early sketch of the Space Girl, who I will probably name Futura (good idea Andrew). Still in the works, we will see where we end up in the weeks to come.




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