Future: Week 3 Progress: Danny


Here we are in week 3 already. I decided that for this week I would discuss my process a little bit, so hear we go!

A: First thing I do when I open up that wonderfully intimidating blank Adobe Illustrator page is make a background color, it helps to set the mood and feel while your working, even if that color changes later it’s a good staring point. I then import my final sketch onto a separate layer and set its blend mode to multiply. By doing this it allows me to begin building my shapes underneath while still being able to see the original drawing.

B: Using the pen tool I begin to block in the main shape for the face and create her space helmet using the ellipse tool.

C: I continue with the pen tool and start to create the important features of the face. In the case of her lips and parts of her eyes I am adding a stroke to the shape as well to help define it.

D: Once all the main parts are there, I make a custom brush to use with my Wacom tablet. The tablet allows me to make strokes that can be thicker or thinner depending on the amount of pressure used, similar to an actual marker. Anyways I use this brush to add minor details, such as wrinkles and creases to help create a less sterile more “natural” look.

E: A pretty big jump from D, but at this point I am pretty much repeating the process until it is DONE….which it is, but you can’t see until next week BWA HA HA HA!


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