Time for a New Thing

     Another year has turned over on our little world's odometer and a few of us felt it was time to try something new.  Check out the "How it Works" tab above for specifics.
     The motivation behind this project was to give us four a common focus to create new work around, a place to show it come to life, and an arena in which we can learn through our mistakes the feedback of our peers.  The creative process can be an awkward, clumsy thing.  By showing our progress shots each week we're hoping to encourage an environment of constructive criticism in which the four of us (and any of you kind enough to share your thoughts in the comments sections) can benefit from an ongoing dialog regarding how to create a successful image.  It should be fun and with a little luck we might have some satisfactory work piled up before another year passes us by.  The regular weekly Art Challuunge will continue at the old site with only a couple of changes which will be announced soon.

      We hope you'll join us from time to time and we thank you in advance for your comments, opinions, and help.

Here's to a great 2011,

-The R-WAC Crew


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